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Things will be different.

2 Jan

Things will be different around here.

I am a women. I have a blog. Its about food.

I am a Chef. Not necessarily a food blogger (first of MANY contradictions I will be guilty of). Food is my profession. My passion, my livelihood.

Yes, I am the class clown and can’t help but make jokes. Don’t let my lightness fool you, I take my work very seriously. I have insurmaountable consideration and respect for my fellow cooks. Those of us who pour our lives into this business, who break their backs everyday to make food for other people. Giving up holidays, weekends, nights when most people are out enjoying themselves and hopefully enjoying our food and hospitality.

We smell, always of sweat, dishwater, garlic, and onions. We wear cuts, scrapes, burns and scars, sturdy hands are our greatest asset, sharp knife VERY close second.  Mopping floors, taking out the garbage, doing dishes… all in a days work. It’s not a very glamourous life.

So, things will be different because I am hoping this will be more like my food memoir. I won’t use “foodie” verbiage to describe anything. No, sando, brekkie, nomnomnom – anything.  This will be a collection of ideas, inspirations, blood, sweat, tears, and garlic.


(Here’s a picture of me looking Chefy and only kinda serious)