My Smoothie Habit

26 Dec
My obsession with my mini smoothie maker (The Magic Bullet is an AWFUL name for a kitchen appliance)  is no secret to those who know me. It is perfect for neat-freaks like myself, who want to make a quick something or other and not have to lug a huge machine around and clean it’s many parts. Super quick, small, easy to clean, and the to-go style cups are great for a girl (or boy) on the run.
Whether it be something fresh from the market or something frozen, I keep a well stocked pantry of smoothie ingredients. I always encourage people to get more fruits, vegetables, and omega 3’s in their daily routine and this little machine makes it easy and delicious to do so. I won’t include a recipe with this, rather a list of common ingredients that you can feel free to experiment with. The only advice that I will give is that you try to get a decent balance of fresh and frozen ingredients, keep in mind the frozen items provide the smoothie texture, otherwise it’s just juice with pulp. The nutrients and enzymes from fresh produce will greatly increase the alkalinity in your body. Alas, if there is not an option for fresh, frozen fruits and vegetables are still a better than not option.

Possible Smoothie Ingredients: Organic Frozen/Fresh FruitOrganic Frozen/Fresh Vegetables (leafy greens seem to work best and impart subtle flavor)  Nut Milks,  Keifer, Coconut milk or water. Hemp protein powder. Sprouts Flax Seeds/Oils. Your favorite  green drink mix. Fruit juices, Etc… Get creative and enjoy!


2 Responses to “My Smoothie Habit”

  1. Julia Carmen March 26, 2012 at 2:44 am #

    Love your web-site!

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